Does Mike Statler of actually exist?

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I always admire a guy who talks about himself in the ‘third person’.  On Sunday, I received an e-mail from a Mike Statler of which started off with ‘Statler here’.  I’ve never met or spoken to the guy, but it’s nice that he feels he can be so casual in our communications. 

Not that it’s my fault that ‘Statler’ and I haven’t communicated.  I have sent him a number of e-mails seeking a conversation, but to no avail.  I wonder does he similarly ignore all of the other subscribers to 


The lack of a response set off all sorts of ‘conspiracy theory’ alarm bells in my head.  Nowhere on the website could I find any information about the company or ‘Mike Statler’.  (I’m using italics because I’m not convinced there IS a Mike Statler!)  You would think that a website with ‘more than 100,000 members’ offering stock market picks and share tips that ‘did over 1,000% in a month, and some as high as 3,000%!’ would want to take some credit by showing their faces or at least giving their bios. 

In the event that ‘Statler’ was too modest to promote himself on his own website, I did a quick search on LinkedIn and found 6 ‘Mike Statlers’.  Now, unless Mike is moonlighting as the Front Desk Manager of the Carlisle Hotel in Pennsylvania or he is protecting our coastal waters in Seattle as a   Senior Chief in the US Navy, then I’m afraid he is not on LinkedIn, which is fairly unusual for someone in the stock market picks, share tips or other business niches.

I’m actually starting to think there is no such person as Mike Statler and I’m hoping someone reading this Blog Post will be able to solve the mystery for us.  (Feel free to forward this post to anyone you think may have information.)

You may rightly ask: “Hey, what does it matter if Mike Statler exists or not?  All he (she?) is doing is offering a free stock picks service to anyone who wishes to avail of it of their own free will.  He (she?) is not doing anyone any harm.”

Well, yes, if that is all he was doing.  But, it’s not.  Whether by design or by accident (you make up your own mind!) is engaging in the most blatant form of ‘pumping and dumping’ by issuing stock picks and share tips on companies which, on the surface at least, have no substance to them.  It’s most recent tip was on a share called Pan Global Corporation and in these posts here you can understand what I saying: continued to promote Pan Global Corporation when it had a market cap of $320 million, even though the company had no Assets and no Earnings!  (And, I do mean NO Assets and NO Earnings.)  One would need to be paid a lot of money to promote that stock!

Elusive mike statlerTheir previous stock pick during the Summer was Amarium Tech which, after a massive run up, is now trading about 20% below the price at which it was tipped.

So, ‘Statler’, if you’re out there, and you do in fact exist, can you come out of the long grass and give some of your ‘more than 100,000 members’ some answers as to what is going on?  We’d love to hear from you.  

Weren’t Statler and Waldorf the two grumpy old men who starred in The Muppet Show?            

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