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Latest Stock Picks

Date/Time Stock Name Ticker Buy/Sell Price Stock Pick Provider
17-04-2014 1:00 pm SeaDrill Limited SDRL Sell $33.13
17-04-2014 1:00 pm Meredith Corp MDP Sell $47.77
17-04-2014 1:00 pm Huntington Bancshares Inc HBAN Sell $9.31
17-04-2014 1:00 pm Equifax Inc EFX Buy $67.50
17-04-2014 1:00 pm Edison International EIX Buy $56.89
17-04-2014 8:00 am Realty Income Corp O Buy $42.78
16-04-2014 8:00 am DuPont Fabros Technology Inc DFT Buy $24.31
16-04-2014 1:00 pm Facebook Inc FB Sell $59.09
16-04-2014 1:00 pm Inc AMZN Sell $316.08
16-04-2014 1:00 pm Tesla Motors Inc TSLA Sell $193.91

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Stock Pick Providers Who Outperformed The Market - March 2014

24 of the Top 30 Stock Pick Providers featured in our League Table out-performed the broader main markets in February – Dow Jones and FTSE 100.




Actual Return From The Top Stock Pick Provider - March 2014

The Table Topping Stock Pick Provider generated over 67% in returns from their Stock Picks since our launch in May 2013.




Average Monthly Gain From The Top 5 Performers - March 2014

The average monthly gain achieved by the Top 5 Stock Pick Providers was just over 16%.




Overall DUSP Average Perfomance - March 2014

The overall average perfomance of all our Daily Ultimate Stock Picks since its November 4th 2013 launch is over 13%.   

What is Stock Tips Network?

It’s an easy to use website that gives private investor members access to 20+ new Stock Picks each per day (over 350 new Stock Picks) from a wide range of Stock Pick Providers primarily located in the US and UK, but also in Canada and Australia. Members can also view which of these Providers have the best track records at picking winners (based on how their previous Stock Picks have performed). one Ultimate Stock Pick per day is selected from all of the Stock Picks published each day, based on our analysis of the previous track record of Stock Pick Providers and alerted to our members on the day we select it.   


Stock Tips Network arms private investors with independent, trusted and unbiased Stock Picks from a wide variety of Stock Pick Providers so that they can base their trading and investment decisions on reliable information, rather than gut instinct and luck.  Hundreds of investors are using our unique data to outperform their peers and the market. 


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